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The UK's leading restoration and servicing specialists for everything De Tomaso.


It all began when...

...Three Point Four started in 1983 specialising in Jaguar. I then got to know a little
about the De Tomaso Pantera and all of a sudden the business started to side-step.
I wanted something different and this fitted the bill. Italian design, the big American engine. Even sat at the traffic lights they are full on....the engine notes.... It really is a buzz.

The marque to me is so special. The development of De Tomaso himself, the type of person that he was. I come down to the toyshop every morning. It doesn’t get much better than that.
— Roger Brotton, business owner and incurable De Tomaso enthusiast

Restoration, servicing, sales and consultancy.


Applying over 30 years of experience in De Tomaso projects, from service and cosmetic work, to full concours restorations.




restore it expertly well

Whether it be a historically correct period restoration, or a sympathetic rebuild with modern enhancements, Three Point Four will restore your vehicle expertly well...


protect its value

Regular servicing and inspection will not only extend the life of your vehicle, but also protect its market value...



realise your investment

With specialist market and industry standing, coupled with professional photography and advertising, three point four can help you get the most out of your investment...


invest, but invest wisely

Buying a classic car can be an emotional investment.  However buyer beware, the market is filled with inaccurately priced, unproven vehicles, which may not be all what they seem...

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