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Whether it be a historically correct period restoration, or a sympathetic rebuild with modern enhancements, Three Point Four will restore your vehicle expertly well.

Our specialist mechanics and technicians can rebuild your vehicle from the chassis up, using the original parts where possible, or replacement parts, true to the original specification.  We offer all aspects of concours quality restoration, including engine rebuilds, bodywork, paintwork, gearbox rebuilds, differential rebuilds, re-wiring and re-trimming.

Repair, enhancement, or full concours restoration, our work will add value to your vehicle and driving experience.

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss our unique restoration services with you.

We also have vehicles available for restoration should you be looking for a suitable investment project.



Fully restored 1972 De Tomaso Pantera, Californian barn find

Unearthed in California by Mike Drew (renowned Pantera expert), this vehicle had been stuck in an open-ended barn for many years.  Although not having been moved in over 3 decades, it is found to be in magnificent condition and with some careful attention, the powerful V8 engine is brought back to life.

Acquired by Roger Brotton and shipped back to the Three Point Four workshop, the Pantera undergoes a full restoration.  As a result of its singular storage conditions, the bodywork is rust free and the exterior paintwork (not original to the vehicle) is resprayed an iconic period De Tomaso factory apple green, chosen by the new owner.

The engine and gearbox are detailed, the electrics are upgraded with a Pertronix unit and the Campagnolo wheels re-furbished.  The interior, with its original dashboard, is renovated back to the factory standard, headlining replaced and seats returned to Pantera vinyl leatherette.

A truly exemplary vehicle, this Pantera has featured in specialist classic car magazines and at industry events and is one of only a handful of these vehicles in the U.K still enjoyed on the roads today.



This excellent example of a 1974 Pantera GTS has recently undergone a complete interior and exterior restoration by the team at Three Point Four.  As a returning customer (the vehicle was first brought to Roger at Three Point Four some 12 years ago for substantial mechanical and electrical restoration); the owner wanted to restore the stunning aesthetics of the vehicle. 

The GTS required a number of bodywork repairs and then underwent a full shell respray in red.  The wheels are refurbished and the shut lines re-detailed to perfection.  The interior has been returned to the factory standard and the seats re-covered with black vinyl leatherette.



This rare Mangusta was originally delivered to Florida, where it lived for 13 years.  It was then sold on to a new owner in California who took the vehicle to pieces, bagging up and labeling all of the parts, with the intention of rebuilding the vehicle.  Winding forward to 2003, the vehicle remains stripped and is gathering rust.  Initially considered only suitable for scrap, Roger decides to save the Mangusta and ships it over to the U.K. 

A unique restoration by virtue of the complete set of carefully labelled parts, this vehicle is being rebuilt from the chassis up, to the exact specification of a 1968 car.  During preparation of the bodywork, a section of the original paintwork is found and so the vehicle is re-sprayed back to its original De Tomaso factory apple green.


IN RESTORATION, 1973 De Tomaso pantera

Having purchased several cars from the USA purely on recommendation, during the period 2004 to 2008, a member of the Pantera Owners Club of America, got in touch with Roger, via Mike Drew.  He was storing a Pantera for a friend in his aeroplane hangar, and the time had come for it to move on.  The owner had had the misfortune to take the car to a restorer in the USA, only for the restorer and some of the parts to disappear.  Eventually, the car was found 500 miles away, and retrieved, but minus a few parts.  Roger went to the USA to view the car, and was amazed to find that the bodyshell was as good as the day it left the factory - a rare find indeed.

Within days of shipping the Pantera back to the UK, it was bought by one of Rogers existing customers…….and laid up pending restoration.  This has re-commenced recently, and the only work done subsequently to the shell is to convert the bumper bars front and rear to European specification.  The bodyshell was stripped back to bare metal and a full re-paint done.  Now the rebuild of all the ancillaries begins…