1968 De Tomaso Mangusta

in restoration · factory apple green · rare

1968 De Tomaso Mangusta in original De Tomaso factory green.  In ground up restoration to exact period specification.  Further detail.


1964 Ford Thunderbird Landau

landau model · in restoration

1964 Ford Thunderbird Landau.  A ground up restoration, nearing completion.


1977 De Tomaso Deauville, Series 1

series 1 · in restoration

1977 DeTomaso Deauville, series 1. Concessionaries used this car on display at the London Motor Show of that year. Extensively restored by Three Point Four, and yet to be completed.


1983 De Tomaso Deauville, Series 2

black · magnolia interior · requires full restoration

1983 DeTomaso Deauville, series 2.  Black with magnolia interior.  This is the black Deauville previously owned by Saatchi and Saatchi.  Now in need of a full restoration.


1978 Corvette

white · rEd interior · uprated 300 Bhp motor

1978 Corvette in white, with red interior.  Nice condition, fitted with uprated 300 BHP motor. Engine run on dyno, with accompanying print-out.


1968 Mk 1 Jenson Interceptor

Mk1 · requires restoration

1968 Mk 1 Jensen Interceptor. Restored elsewhere in the 1990’s. Nice, running car, but in need of detailing with new door seals, and some areas of interior trim.


Other cars now in stock and will be made available in due course.